Hi, welcome!

I’m Tanvir Rahman, a student based in Ruhr Area, Germany. I’m studying Mobility and Logistics at the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. I’m also a long-term Wikimedian, working on several Wikimedia projects—as a contributor, administrator, and in a few other roles. My voluntary contribution to Wikimedia is not limited to content development but also global wiki governance. I also work on the strategic planning of Wikimedia movements.

I’m affiliated with Wikimedia Bangladesh, a Bangladeshi nonprofit organization that serves as one of the Wikimedia Foundation chapters. The chapter works on promoting open knowledge nationwide through promoting, popularizing, and creating engagement in Wikimedia projects (primarily Bangla Wikipedia and other Bangla language Wikimedia projects). I’m one of the founding members of the organization—led its formation, and served as its first Secretary. I also served as a President and still do as a member of the Executive Committee.